We are a company that work with innovative cleantech technology and have developed the Flocazur-technology, a new scalable disruptive separation technology that separates particles and substances from liquids/fresh- and salt water. It saves water, energy and chemicals. The technology can be used for primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary treatment. Flocazur is validated for RAS and is also an effective technology for biological transformation in various technical fields such as activated sludge process (bacterial oxidation), MBR (Moving Bed Reactor), MBBR (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor) GSBR (Granular Sequencing Batch Reactor) and GSBBR (Granular Sequencing Biofilm Batch. The Flocazur technology could also be used for separation of oil and heavy metals. We offer cooperation doing demonstration/pilot tests, working as consultants to further develop applications and license agreement.

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