RGU and the Oil & Gas Technology Centre have partnered to create the National Subsea Centre (NSC), a multi-million-pound Centre of Excellence for Subsea Research Technology development.

The NSC will harness the University’s academic expertise, research capability and facilities to establish a world-class research and development centre focused on tackling the underwater challenges faced by all marine industries tackling sustainable economic development. Together they are currently working on key Energy Transition strategies and Technology developments. The NSC will interface directly with the OGTC for the purposes of this project. Other projects under development at this moment include the integration of offshore renewable energy systems with an Offshore Energy Hub.

There will be a focus on applied Digital science coupled with Subsea engineering and Energy Integration. We aim to accelerate the development and adoption of marine engineering and technologies that unlock the full potential of the UKCS as a sustainable energy hub that builds upon the UK’s leadership in a growing global market. The NSC will be working across industrial sectors (oil and gas, offshore marine renewables, marine aquaculture) within the context of the Blue economy.

The ambition is to build a program of activity that helps deliver the energy transition for Scotland, UK and Europe across multiple energy sectors. Researching and building techno economic business models, distributed power generation, energy storage and energy transmission. This includes how we integrate and manage sustainable projects and carbon management. We will seek to build a program of ambitious projects in order to affect change in a timely manner. Part of the activity will be around new energy vectors such as Hydrogen. We will need to build digital twins of our integrated energy systems and commence modelling for how we will engineer sustainable solutions.

The NSC is focused on sourcing external funding to assist in building activity and collaborative way of working. Over the last few months, the NSC has built international collaborative groups and relationships focused on external funding to help deliver the themes above.

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