Potter Clarkson is a leading specialist full-service intellectual property firm with deep technical expertise in all technology sectors. IP is often seen as a necessary evil, particularly by start-ups. But it is important to realise actually how valuable your IP is - it is often the only true thing of value a company has for many years during product development, and without appropriate protection you may find it difficult to raise the investment and traction you need to get your product to market. We create value from your innovation, and bring vision and clarity of thought to guide you through the complexities of intellectual property for business. As consultants and experts in IP law, we help you understand, create, protect and defend the commercial value of your innovations anywhere in the world. Amongst other things, we advise on IP strategy; draft and prosecute patents; advise and prosecute Trade Marks; and our team of IP solicitors complete our holistic approach by advising on commercial agreements, licensing deals and collaborations.

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