As part of the Scottish Government’s Innovation Centres programme, SAIC connects industry with academic research to spark innovation within the aquaculture sector, increasing its value to the Scottish economy. Through three workstreams – driving, nurturing and sharing innovation – we fund and support commercially relevant, collaborative research; share knowledge throughout the industry; attract additional funding to Scottish aquaculture; and raise awareness of the career opportunities in this vibrant, fast-growing sector. We focus on areas that are identified as genuine priorities by evolving industry feedback. These include finfish health and welfare, unlocking additional capacity, shellfish and other non-finfish species, and helping close the sector’s skills gap. The core SAIC team, the SAIC governance board and the SAIC Independent Scientific Panel (SISP) comprise aquaculture professionals with extensive knowledge and experience covering a wide range of species and geographies. Our network also encompasses the SAIC Consortium, whose membership includes several hundred businesses, organisations and academic institutions from right across the aquaculture sector and beyond.

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