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Blue Economy Cluster Builder- Market Report

Aquatera Ltd, 2021, Completed for the Blue Economy Cluster Builder

This document highlights the evident importance that the Blue Economy (BE) plays in the Scottish economy, shedding light on Scotland’s commitment to the Paris Agreement as a trigger for technological and institutional innovation in the BE. Indeed, the necessity to adopt low-carbon practices in cross-cutting industrial areas is spurring innovation in established sectors in Scotland, particularly in the oil and gas (O&G) industry, opening debates about planning the future through methods that foster technological innovation and collaborative capacity building processes.

Analysis of the Global Ocean (Blue) Economy and Scotland/UK’s current share.

Aquatera Ltd, 2019, Completed for Scottish Enterprise

The Blue Economy presents a considerable opportunity for Scottish companies and organisations to 2030, provided they can readily identify the sectors that are likely to experience strong growth. This report investigates what the Blue Economy can be defined as and the growth potential for the main sectors within this definition. This will give some comparison between sectors as well as an indication of the whole Blue Economy’s potential.The report covers each sector in detail highlighting the global, EU, UK and Scottish statistics for gross value added (“GVA”), employment and growth potential out to 2030. The report gives commentary on each sector’s potential and the rationale for the growth estimates.